Pengaruh Waktu Aplikasi Dan Konsentrasi Paclobutrazol Serta Ga, Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Produksi Tanaman Tomat (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill)

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dc.contributor.advisor Napitupulu, J.A. en_US Erlita en_US 2010-03-19T10:24:58Z 2010-03-19T10:24:58Z 2008-04-11T00:00:00Z en_US
dc.identifier.other Renny Widiastuti en_US
dc.description 0300551 en_US
dc.language.iso id en_US
dc.subject agronomi en_US
dc.title Pengaruh Waktu Aplikasi Dan Konsentrasi Paclobutrazol Serta Ga, Terhadap Pertumbuhan Dan Produksi Tanaman Tomat (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill) en_US
dc.type Master Theses en_US
dc.description.abstract2 The purpose of this research to seem and to known time application and Paclobutrazol and GA3 that appropriate to increase tomato plants production ands to known interaction effect between time application, Paclobutrazol and GA3 concentration and tomato plants production. This research performed at farmer land in Binjai Estate Area., sub district South Binjai, Binjai City with elevated place ± 27 meters upon sea surface since October 2002 as far as February 2003. Using by Compartment Designer, those are 3 factors: First factor as main compartment is Paclobutrazol Time Application (W), those are 3 steps: W1 = 7 days after place ofplanting, W2 = 14 days after place of planting, Wl=21 days after place of planting. Second factor those are 4 factors: Paclobutrazol Po = 0 ppm, Paclobutrazol P1 = 0.5 ppm, Paclobutrazol P2= 1.0 ppm, Paclobutrazol P3 = 1.5 ppm. Third factor as subs compartement are GA3 concentration (G) those are 3 steps: GA3G0= 0 ppm, GA3G1= 15 ppm dan GA3G2= 30 ppm. Therefore, got 36 behavior combination and every the behavior be repeated 3 again. The parameter that observed, that is plants high (cm), sum of space, sum of branch, sum of productive branch, sum of chlorophyll in leaf time of turn up the first flower (hst), age of plants can be harvested (hst), percentage of the fruit forming (%),m sum of the stem of fruit resulting, sum of fruit, sum of kernel, weight of fruit per plants, sum of fruit based the weight group (big, medium, small), degree of fruit water and contain of C vitamin. Out come of research from Paclobutrazol time application is 14 hst to increased to grew sum of age space 4-6 mst, highly of harvest age, to increase of the fruit forming percentage and to increase sum of fruit. Giving the Paclobutrazol 1,0 ppm and 1,5 pp decrease plant elevated, sum of space, to delay time of flower appear, age of harvest, to decrease the fruit forming percentage, sum of fruit, weight of the fruit per plants, sum of kernel, sum of the big fruit, sum of the medium fruit, and can be to increase sum of stem and sum of the small fruit. Giving GA3 15 ppm and 30 ppm can be increase sum of branch, sum of productive branch; sum of stem, sum of the medium fruit, but to decrease the percentage of fruit forming. Paclobutrazol and GA3 concentration, interdependent to interaction in to affecting the percentage of fruit forming, sum of stem to resulting the fruit and sum of kernel. en_US

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