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Title: Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Kualitas Pelayanan Kesehatan (Studi Kasus : Rumah Sakit St. Elizabeth dan Rumah Sakit Herna Medan).
Authors: Rina Silvia G.R.
Advisors: Drs. H.B. Tarmizi, SU. dan Drs. Rujiman, MA.
Issue Date: 15-Apr-2008
Abstract (other language): Medan is the center of town to the main development area of district A And will be the main development wether in economical and also the human itself. In this case Medan is claim to has the complete facilities to the field economy, social and culture. And one of it is the development in the field of healthy. The increasing of request to the services of health, we also need the increasing of quality of service of all society. It stated by the development of hospitals that have a better quality of services and the clinic, also the health center of society that we can find in every areas in the rural areas. Now we find many hospitals of private that complete in increasing the quality of services. In this case the hospitals as the producers should look for the many factors that influence the level of health service quality of hospital in influence the request of the patient as the consumers. There for, the writer try to argue about the factors that influence the health quality of services. The respondences is took 30 that devided into first class, second class and third class (economy class) in The Elisabeth Hospital and Herna Hospital Medan. And the factors are the facillities medical, medical staff, the time of treatment, and the services of treatment. By paying the attention to the fourth factors we will find the level quality of the health services in hospital.
Keywords: pelayanan
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