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Title: Pemanfaatan Internet Studi Kasus tentang Pola, Manfaat dan Tujuan Penggunaan Internet oleh Mahasiswa pada Perpustakaan Universitas Sumatera Utara
Authors: Hasugian, Jonner
Issue Date: 9-Mar-2017
Abstract: The objective of this research is (a) to know the pattern of internet utilization practiced by students in The University Library of USU, (b) to know the extent to which the internet is useful to meet the study need students, (c) to know the purpose of Internet utilization by students, (d) to know the evaluation of students on the internet service in The University Library of USU. Based on survey conducted against 200 people as sample, descriptively the general description has been gained that majority of respondent (50.50%) just start to use the internet in The University Library of USU, while 49.50% have ever used the internet before being a college student in USU. Majority of respondent 60.50% said, that they most often use the internet in Internet shop, and then in Library (37.00%). The most common used facility is WWW (Web) (93.50%). About 77.00% of respondent said that they most often utilized the facility of e-mail. The main purposes the respondents assume to use the internet is to search for scientific information (63.00%). In addition, they also use the Internet as communication device (e-mail and chatting) and also as a device for gaining the news from a wide range of newspaper, magazines, and so on in online of nature. Majority of respondent (59.00%) said that the internet is useful to use in supporting the study requirements. The evaluation of respondent against internet is good and excellent (96.50%). By 54.50% of respondent said that the cost of internet use in The University Library of USU is very cheap.
Keywords: Internet
Teknologi Informasi
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