Recent Submissions

  • Thyroid Nodul “Colloid Goiter” With Unilateral Thyroidectomy 

    Yudhistira, Ashri; Farhat; Asnir, Rizalina A; Suriyanti (2014-12-10)
    Lumps in the thyroid gland is a symptom that is often found in the thyroid gland abnormalities, clinically recognizable, and most patients come to the clinic with complaints of a lump in the front of the neck. Basically ...
  • Sinonasal Carcinoma With Rhinotomy Lateral Approach 

    Yudhistira, Ashri; Asnir, Rizalina A; Indriany, Siska (2014-12-10)
    Sinonasal malignancies are relatively rare comprising about 0.2 – 0.8% of all malignancies and 3% of head and neck malignancies. 77% of sinonasal tumors involve the maxillary sinus, 22 % Ethmoid sinus and 1 % sphenoid sinus ...