Recent Submissions

  • Studies Of Enoinia Soft Rot Disease On Potato 

    Safni, Irda (2008-05-04)
    E. caroiooora subsp. caroiouora (Ecc), the soft rot bacteria of potato, survives for a long period in lenticels and suberized wounds during storage. The disease is more severe when the environmental conditions favour its ...
  • A Revision Of Genus Cyathus (Nidulariaceae) In Indonesia 

    Hastuti, Liana Dwi Sri (2008-04-25)
    Seventy eight collections of Indonesian Cyathus (Basidiomycetes: Nidulariaceae) in the Herbarium Bogoriense have been studied and assigned to eight species namely: Cyathus striatus (Huds.: Pers.) Pers., C. limbatus Tul. & ...