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Title: Makna Simbolik Umpasa, Sinamot, Dan Ulos Pada Adat Perkawinan Batak Toba
Authors: Pardosi, Jhonson
Issue Date: 16-Dec-2010
Abstract: In each wedding ceremony have three element Dalihan na Tolu to have and to do right and responsibility. They are three big symbols, used umpasa, bride price and ulos. The people of Batak Toba Traditional are concealment; they are not saying something about everything other live. Have point, so to say something to make hide-mean but not understand. Usually they use term and traditional poetry (pantun) to say something to someone or more in communication. Bride price (sinamot) has philosophy and deep symbolic meaning. The meaning of bride price is a process to give and take. To give ulos have symbolic meaning as stamp other their request to God to be real together ulos.
Keywords: umpasa
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