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Title: The Ability Of The 2007 Year Students Of English Literature Department, University Of Sumatera Utara To Distinguish Present Participle From Gerund
Authors: Sitanggang, Damianus P.
Advisors: Lubis, Syahron
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2010
Abstract: Language is considered to be a system of communicating with other people using sounds, symbols and words in expressing meanings, ideas or thoughts. Language can be used in many forms, primarily through oral and written communications as well as using expressions through body language. Edward Sapir (1949:8) says that language is purely human and non-instinctive method of communicating ideas, emotions, and desire by means of a system of voluntarily produced symbols. Language is purely human and non-instinctive method because language is the most frequently used and most highly developed form of human communication. And language is a distinctly human instrument, although other animals produce sounds and noises, the human language alone is articulated into words and alone is capable of expressing an infinite variety of thought. Languages are not just sets of symbols. They also often conform to a rough grammar, or system of rules, used to manipulate the symbols. David Nunan (2003:143) says that grammar is generally thought to be set of rules specifying the correct ordering of words at the sentence level. Every human language include English has its own grammar. The grammar of a language is a complex and highly structured affair because it operates in terms of concepts and categories which have to be defined in the same way. So we need grammar in using English and the understanding about grammar also influences our ability in English
Keywords: English Literature Department
Distinguish Present Participle
The Ability
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