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    • Profile of Hepatitis B and C Virus Infection in Prisoners in Lubuk Pakam Correctional Facilities 

      Rey, Imelda; Saragih, R H; R Effendi-YS; Sembiring, J; Siregar, G A; Zain, L H (2018)
      Prisoners in correctional facilities are predisposed to chronic viral infections because of their high-risk behaviors or unsafe lifestyle. The economic and public health burden of chronic hepatitis B and C and its sequelae ...
    • Serum Level of IL-6 in Liver Cirrhosis Patients 

      Rey, Imelda; R Effendi-YS; Dairi, L B; Siregar, G A; Zain, L H (2018)
      Cytokines are polypeptides that have a wide spectrum of inflammatory, metabolic, hematopoietic and immunologic regulatory properties. The liver represents an important site of synthesis and clearance organ for several ...