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    • Didong Gayo Lues: Analisis Pemikiran Tentang Alam 

      Tantawi, Isma (2010-05-03)
      The objective of this study is to determine and analyze the thinking of Gayo Lues community on the cosmos in the Didong Jalu. The data in this research is analyzed based on both observation and documentation methods. ...
    • Folklor Batu Belah Dan Persoalan Jender 

      Nur, Ismed (2010-06-01)
      The problem of equivalent gender was a popular issue in society recently. Not less than world organization as the United Nations also responds about this matter. Indonesian folklore actually also ever brought up this ...
    • Makna Simbolik Umpasa, Sinamot, Dan Ulos Pada Adat Perkawinan Batak Toba 

      Pardosi, Jhonson (2010-06-01)
      In each wedding ceremony have three element Dalihan na Tolu to have and to do right and responsibility. They are three big symbols, used umpasa, bride price and ulos. The people of Batak Toba Traditional are concealment; ...
    • Politik Anti Belanda Dalam Cerpen “Hamid, Pahlawan Perkumpulan Anti ‘Avc’ (Di Bawah Bayangan Jembatan)” Karya A.S. Hadisiswojo 

      Fitrah, Yundi (2010-06-01)
      Indonesian literature in 1942-1945 was definited by Japan’s gavermant. Many of literature products such as short story centain the Japan’s wishes. Because of Netherlands still held the power at that time, Japan tried to ...
    • Sastra Sebagai Sebuah Disiplin Ilmu 

      Brahmana, Pertampilan S. (2010-06-01)
      The writing to try understands literature as one the other science. The requirements of science are have ontology, epistemology and axiology. Writer to try explain ontology, epistemology and axiology from letter as a science.
    • Sistem Dan Kode Semiotika Dalam Sastra: Suatu Proses Komunikasi 

      Nasution, Ikhwanuddin (2010-05-03)
      The semiotic related to the system and code to have symbol to each other. When the system and code related to literary work, so have process to communication between reader to literary work and writer. In this process, ...
    • Syair Putri Hijau: Sebuah Telaah Filologi 

      Irwansyah (2010-05-03)
      Syair Putri Hijau is very popular an important in North Sumatera and Aceh. This Syair source from the legend of Putri Hijau. For reseption’s research above SPH filology’s research need execute to determine of the text ...