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Title: Persepsi Wisatawan Mancanegara Terhadap Kualitas Objek Dan Daya Tarik Wisata (ODTW) Sumatera Utara
Authors: Solahuddin Nasution
M. Arif Nasution
Janianton Damanik
Issue Date: 27-Apr-2009
Abstract (other language): This observation purpose is to see the foreign tourist perception to the object quality and tourism attraction power in Sumatera Utara. This instruction hope could enlarge the knowledge about the tourism side and could give the contribution to the object quality development and tourism attraction power in North Sumatera Utara. In generally the result that the quality of tourism attractive power in Sumatera Utara well by almost foreign tourist. The quality of ODTW in this place could be the basic to give the satisfaction of tourism like they want. All the substances of elementary in ODTW, like attractions (natural, culture, and synthetic), accessibility and accommodation percept by respondent as the thing that still have a good quality. It’s founded that the tourism product of elements under the standard as the cleanliness factor that to be the low point of tourism product and the perception by respondent as the low quality product or bad. Related to the perception that relatively good, the satisfaction of they tourism also fulfilled. The unique, original, beautiful and impression value that gave by attractions, accommodation, and local tourism accessibility will able to give the tourism satisfaction. There are many different between the perceptions toward the quality of ODTW base on the demography variable, respondent social. This study also prove the hypothesis that the tourism satisfaction different base on the education level and the number of tourism expenses. The other important invention prepared is the negative correlation between the tourism experience variable with the perception about the attraction quality, accommodation and tourism accessibility in Sumatera Utara. The tourism experience that trend influence the respondent to give the perception that negative to the ODTW quality in this area.
Keywords: tourism
foreign tourist
object and tourism attraction power
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