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Title: Orang Arab Di Kota Medan
Authors: Chalida Fachruddin
Issue Date: 1-May-2009
Abstract (other language): This paper is a preliminary study about the Arab (Hadhrami) people in Medan. It looks at their social-cultural background, such as their original country, the process of migration and their aim of coming to Medan. This paper also describes the formation of the Hadhrami community in their trading activities and the connection or relationship between Hadhrami people in Medan and other members who lives in neighbouring countries. Social and political changes happened after World War II, and the new situation influenced the life of the Hadhrami people in some countries. The trading networks of this Arab community was reduced to those who reside in Indonesia, especially with their relatives in Java island. Unlike other immigrants in Medan, in daily life it is difficult to differentiate the Hadhrami people with the host population. Most of them have assimilated with the local people.
Keywords: asimilasi
kaum wulati
kaum muwalad
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