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    • Infrastruktur Informasi Global dan Dampaknya Terhadap Perpustakaan 

      Hasugian, Jonner; Rabita, Eva (2009-06-05)
      Information infrastructure is a vital factor as main requirement in preparation, processing and dissemination of information. The information is very difficult to access without sufficient availability of infrastructure. ...
    • Kerjasama Dan Sistem Jaringan Perpustakaan Umum 

      Siregar, A. Ridwan (2009-06-05)
      Cooperation and networking systems of public libraries that can be accessed by every citizen is very significant in order to generate energy in pursuing a success. It facilitates vast access toward collection, improving ...
    • Teknologi Informasi: Kesiapan Pustakawan Memanfaatkannya 

      Ardoni (2009-06-05)
      Information technology is being more sophisticated. As the one of information worker, it is logically accepted that librarians make the information technology much more useful in their daily activities. If the librarians ...