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Title: Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Permintaan Beras Raskin di Pelembang (Studi Kasus : Perum Bulog Sumsel)
Authors: Romaulia Sibuean
Advisors: Drs. Jonathan Sinuhaji
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2008
Abstract (other language): This scription entitled" An analysis of the Factors than influence the demand of raskin rice in Palembang : A Case Of Perum Bulog South Sumatera". Talking about Raskin, Is always related with the begining of the monetery crysis in economic, that started in the middle of last 1997. It is marked by the increase of the rice price, so it's impact to the decreas buying power of society, and the lost of half of the sources of the society income coused by PHK. Those things completing the preasure to the stability of food system et al. Facing this situation, the goverment takes the policy to implement food support program, Trough open market operation or Raskin. That the operationalization is done by Bulog. Because this pettern is believed as the most rational alternatif to prevent the poverty problem. Along with the situation above, the result of this research to factors than influence the demand of raskin rice in Palembang, is partially statistic hypothesis, medium rice price variabel (X1), and the total income variabel of the poor society (X2), has an positif influence for the demand of Raskin rice in Palembang.
Keywords: beras
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