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Title: Analisis Faktor-Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Pendapatan Penambang Pasir Kali di Kabupaten Labuhan Batu
Authors: Johan Ahmad
Advisors: Drs. H.M. Sayuti Nasution, MS dan Dra. T. Diana Bakti, MSi
Issue Date: 11-Apr-2008
Abstract (other language): This research has been done in Labuhan Batu regency on April 2002, With sample 30 persons, The instrument used to obtain dates is with took direct surveying and interview to Sand Miner in they working, Method have been done to analysis is regression analysis with 3 independent variable as predictor. Which independent variables thus are labor as X1, capital as X2, and technology of work as X3. From process and analysis out-put with the help of computer program SPSS verse 10,°to point out that each use 1 of labor will to increase of income amount Rp,53,084,83, to increasing Rp. 1,000,- of capital will to increase of income amount Rp, 349,- and to use I unit technology traditional will to increase of income amount Rp. 10,494,26 and if to use technology modem will to increase of income amount Rp,20,988,52, These three independent variables can explain Sand Miner Income in Labuhan Batu regency amount 95,7 %, while 4,3 % is explained of others factors or known as disturbance of term, After coefficients of regression has been known then has' been tested with individual test (t -test) can be known labor and technology factors are insignificant while capital factor is significant. If they have been tested together by F-test, its output is significant. So that, Sand Miner Income in Labuhan Batu regency more dominance is influenced by capital.
Keywords: pendapatan
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